Current ministry activities of OneWay Africa and adventures of Pastor Ray Mensah

July 2015

“He is the one who makes the mountains and creates the wind and makes his thoughts known to people. He changes the dawn into darkness and walks over the mountains of the earth. His name is the Lord God All-Powerful.” Amos 4:13


We continue to praise the Lord for the big move this month and continue to thank Him for the lives of all the precious people who made this project possible. We are very close to the Aburi Mountains and I find myself bursting into spontaneous praise everyday when I see the mountains. God is awesome. Thanks a million once again. We are eternally grateful.


Board Members Help Make July Mission Possible

Africa Board Chairman, Francis Kusi fully sponsored young leaders from his Church (Resurrection Methodist Church) to go on short-term missions with OneWay. Six emerging leaders participated in the mission. Two of OneWay Africa’s Interns, Emmanuel and Joshua, were also on the Team that joined the Christian Missions Resource Foundation (CMRF) for a medical Mission in Komba-land. We thank Board Member Lewis, who doubles as the Missions Director of CMRF, for the partnership and enabling our Team to be part of this memorable and life-changing Mission.


The Team came back with great joy and exciting testimonies. Amongst other things, hundreds of decisions for Christ were made and that included 3 Komba Chiefs and several Muslims.


The OneWay/Methodist Church Team served in different capacities at the Medical Mission that impacted villages like Zamashegu and Dayudigli. The BIBLEplus+ was also used widely during the mission as the Komba people who attended the free medical Clinics got to listen to the word of God and testimonies on the device. That made a huge impact just like it did two years ago at a similar CMRF Medical Mission. Twenty-four BIBLEplus+ units that were used were later given to some of the new Believers as well as some Komba Leaders including Chiefs.


Operation Serve Training of New NSS Missionaries

It’s the time of the year when fresh Graduates from various Universities in Ghana are equipped to use their one-year mandatory National Service for missions in Komba-land and other parts of Ghana.


Yesterday, I taught the first course at the Operation Serve (OS) Training and will be teaching five other courses throughout August. There are currently 17 young Graduates eager to be equipped to make a difference on the mission-fields. We thank the Lord for our partnership with Operation Serve and look forward to making all the necessary contributions to make the training a success.


Prayer Requests

- Please kindly pray for a fruitful OS training and that the others who signed up for the program will come on board real soon.

- Also kindly pray for the numerous new Believers won during the Medical Mission. That they will grow in the Lord and become true Disciples who make other Disciples.

- We also ask for prayer for our local fund-raising efforts that it will bear more fruit and many more people will partner with OneWay Africa to reach Kombaland and beyond.

- Finally for the Komba Church Planters to continue to be faithful in making disciples and multiplying Churches and the Lord’s provision for the logistics they need for the work.






Ray with the Methodist Church Mission Team just before their departure to the Komba Mission-field. We also held a training session for them before they embarked on the trip.

Komba women listening to the BIBLEPlus+ whilst they waited to see the Doctors

Joshua served as a Counselor and

came back rejoicing for the opportunity

to lead many people to Christ,

including a Komba Chief

Michael and Vincent served with the

Team using sports and puppetry to

share the gospel

June 2015


John F’s training in Chronological Bible Storying and Oral Communication has brought a major boost to Operation Mamprusi. After18 hours of driving to Walewale, John was still ready for action the following morning and gave out his best. The Training went very well and the Mamprusi people once again were very quick in learning the Bible stories.


A major feature of this Training was getting them out in their neighbourhood, practicing what they had learnt. I joined one of the groups that went to a nearby Muslim family. It was such a blessed sight to see them tell the stories and run the dialogue with the Muslim family. The response of the family was positive and encouraging. We also prayed for a bed-ridden sick woman whom the Lord touched and she began to walk. The different groups came back with good reports and the feedback we have received so far indicates that they continue to go out to share Bible stories with Muslim families all over Mamprusi-land.


Please pray with us that great fruit will abound through these efforts and many Disciples will emerge as well as new Churches.


Apart from the Training Program, we also had the opportunity to preach the gospel at a Jesus Film Outreach we held at a neighbouring village (whose Muslim Chief attended) and also at a special gathering at the house of the Chief of Gbimsi, a village near Walewale.



About 30 Christian Leaders including Church Planters and Pastors were trained at the Radach Center at Tamale. The feedback here was also very good with many remarking that the two day training was too short as they wanted to learn more. We challenged them to use what they learnt so that we will be encouraged to return for further training.



I received many invitations to teach and preach about Missions, Discovery Bible Studies and Church Planting Movements, and Evangelism all around Accra. This month I challenged a church to become a model Missionary Church, using Prayercast and the Ramadan Challenge to spur them on (see


We praise the Lord for the many Indigenous People trained in June and pray they would be Multipliers training others with great fruit. Please pray with us!






John in action at Walewale


One of the Groups performed a drama from one of the NT Stories

I preached the Gospel and John prayed for the Muslim Chief of Gbimsi

John Training Dagomba Church Planters and Leaders at Tamale

May 2015


To have the President, Executive Vice President and two Board Members of OneWay Ministries in Ghana was such a memorable time we will never forget. Thanks so much MT, MVH, Gary and Andy for coming. It was a very blessed, strategic, encouraging and refreshing time for the whole Team as well as OneWay Africa Board Members.



It was also a busy month of activation, including:


OFFICE SERVE: Spoke at an Operation Serve Program for two days in early May. It was dubbed “OFFICE SERVE” and it was to activate and equip Christian Professionals for effective marketplace ministry and Urban Missions.


SVM2: Spoke at a Student Volunteer Movement ( SVM2) Presentation Meeting held for over 70 Pastors at Kasoa on 10th May. My topic was “The Current State of World Evangelization.”


BQG: Spoke at a Busy Queen Global Conference held at the Ghana Christian University. 42 women accepted Christ as their Lord and Personal Saviour that day, PTL!!!


University of Ghana: Was invited by the Campus Christian Family, a major Interdenominational Fellowship on the Legon Campus to train and prepare them for their up-coming short-term mission trip.



The Komba mission-field trips gets better and better by God’s Grace. Every trip is unique and God does different things each time. We returned to Accra with such great joy and fulfillment in our hearts. The highlights of what took place include:


1. Distribution of 300 BIBLEplus+ units


2. We entered into partnership relationships with the Local Council of Churches at Gushegu and Karaga. The Churches include the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Baptist Church, Assemblies of God, Church of Pentecost, ICGC, Evangelical Church of Ghana, Lighthouse Chapel and many, many more. We presented a pack of BIBLEplus+ units to each of the Pastors and they were extremely grateful. The partnership also includes offering them training in Oral Communication/Bible Storying and Church Planting Movement Principles (CPM/DMM) in the near future.


3. Preached at a Lighthouse Chapel Revival Program at Gushegu and about 40 people came to Christ. The Lord also activated many people to live holy lives for Him and to be Disciple-Makers. Many were also set free from demonic oppression. PTL!!


4. Briefly trained the Tunabuni Church in Bible Storying. We will go back for more training times. Had a great time with them as usual.


5. We did another level of training for 44 Komba Leaders and Church Planters/Disciple-Makers at the Zamashegu Zone and another 44 in the Gbintiri Zone. It was such an awesome time. There were so many testimonies on how the Lord is using the BIBLEplus+ that we didn’t have enough time to listen to all of them. PTL!!


Thanks so much and please keep standing in prayer with us for this fruit to abide. God is moving in Komba land and we are humbled to be part of it. We thank all our partners too for supporting this awesome work. Glory to God!!!




MT greeting the Chief of one

of the villages we visited


Members of OWM Board with Jeff Korum on the Komba Mission Field

Strategizing for the harvest

Mina presenting a BIBLEplus+ unit to Sister Gifty, the Zamashegu Nurse to use in the villages on her official visits

Komba girls dressed in beautiful clothes sent to them by a friend of Cheryl F.

May 2015

There have been so many testimonies on how the Lord is using BIBLEplus+. Here are just a few:


John of Namong says that he was so hardened against Christianity that he used to beat up his wife for attending church. By God’s grace, he got saved when Mary of Pion shared the Gospel with him. When he first came to Christ, he struggled in his faith, but was greatly encouraged by the testimonies on BIBLEplus+. He says he is now growing in his walk with God.


Akuffo came to Christ through Timothy’s Listening Group. He was given a BIBLEplus+ unit, and he testifies to the glory of God that he is growing in his understanding of the word of God and in his walk with God.


Daniel of Pion says the BIBLEplus+ is very helpful to him. According to him, unlike before, he is now able to go over scriptural references after church, which is helping him to grow faster as a Christian. With the help of the BIBLEplus+, he is able to evangelize to others and the Pion church is growing.


Mary of Pion says that since getting the BIBLEplus+ and listening to the word of God, God has given her boldness to share the gospel with others. She says she received a vision to go and start a church in a nearby village. This was a great challenge because it was well known that the Chief of this village wants nothing to do with Christianity. After much praying and fasting, she went to the village against the warning of many who feared for her life. She went to the chief’s house and boldly went in to where he was and begun to share the gospel with him and those with him. To her great astonishment, the Chief received the message well and even asked everyone present to clap for her. By God’s grace, the chief’s son, John, gave his life to Christ that day and is now one of Mary’s disciples. They go out to evangelise together.


Emmanuel of Namong is a student who together with some of his friends, used to ridicule the Christian students as they read their Bibles in school. Then a girl at school started a listening group. As they heard the word of God playing from the BIBLEplus+, they listened and decided to go to church. He has now surrendered his whole life to Christ and is a growing Disciple.


Amina of Gbintri was a muslim who came to Christ at Zamashegu but could not read the Bible nor pray. Until Pastor Paul’s wife, using the BIBLEplus+, discipled her. Now, she is growing in her understanding of the word of God. Also, not only is she able to pray in private, but she is able to lead public prayer as well.


Madigi of Kuklik says her husband opposed her church attendance until she got a BIBLEplus+ unit and began playing it at home. He got interested and now allows her to attend Church. She is still praying for his salvation. Meanwhile, she is growing in her walk with the Lord and is making disciples.



Presenting BIBLEPlus+ units to the

Vice Chairman of the Karaga Local

Council of Churches


Disciple-Makers receiving

BIBLEPlus+ units

Ray couldn’t resist going in the middle to dance and praise Jesus....for these precious Believers. No more idol worship but truly worshipping Jesus. Awesome!



We sent Emmanuel (who is acting as our Field Coordinator) in April on a trip to the Komba Mission-field. He did follow-up trips to some of the villages where we are working, encouraged the field workers, challenged the Komba Believers to be Disciple-Makers and also distributed BIBLEPlus+ units as well as undertook Jesus Film Outreaches.


By the Grace of God, 540 decisions for Christ were made during the Jesus Film Outreaches in four villages. Many people were also set free from demonic oppression as usual to God's Glory. We truly praise the Lord for the new Disciples. Furthermore, 60 Komba Believers responded to the call to become involved in Disciple-Making and reaching out to their fellow Kombas who are unevangelized.



The months of March and April were really very fruitful months for us in the area of activating and equipping the Body of Christ in the areas of Evangelism, Disciple-Making and Missions. We believe that is one of our key mandates and it is one of the strategic ways to fulfilling the Great Commission because the harvest is plenty but the workers are few. We are thus grateful the Lord of the Harvest opened many doors for us to activate and equip many Harvesters:


1. Harvest Chapel Men’s Ministry: Spoke on the Topic ‘LET’S GO FISHING”


2. Methodist Church, Adenta: Our Board Chairman arranged for me to train the youth of his Church in Evangelism. I will be continuing the training throughout the month of May. Afterwards, the Youth will embark on an Intensive Saturation Evangelism Campaign dubbed “WINNING THE LOST AT ALL COST.” Some of them might also go on Short-term missions with us to the Komba fields.


3. Lausanne Follow-up Meeting at the University of Ghana: Spoke on Missions and also shared with the Students about the work of OneWay Africa.


4. Die Conference: Spoke at this Conference organized by Operation Service at the University of Ghana Campus. Challenged the Students to respond urgently to the call to World Missions.


5. Kasoa Pastors Missions Training: We first had a Vision casting Meeting with the Pastors at a suburb of Kasoa in March and followed up with the real training in the third week of April. In all, 22 Pastors and Leaders were part of the World Thrust Seminar that aimed at getting their Churches to be Missionary Churches in all dimensions. At the end of the training, four Churches indicated their decision to be the first churches to pilot this full-scale missions program of praying for missions, giving to missions and sending missionaries on short term and ultimately on long-term basis. We truly pray this will be a fruitful endeavour so we have some real models for other Churches that we train to emulate.


6. Missions Training Program (MITRAP): Taught “History of Missions in Africa” in the last week of April at this Missions Training Program run by the Living Bread Missions at Ashaiaman. The students were able to learn from the Sacrifices of the early missionaries and were challenged to put those lessons into practice.


7. Teens Aloud and Converge Conferences: Spoke at these Youth Programs on mobilising and equipping Young people to reach the unreached and unchurched youth. They were all such blessed times with lots of impact made. Glory to God!!


There has been very good feedback on these various trainings and programs in March and April, and we trust that the Lord is moving and raising an Army to urgently focus on the remaining task!




Emmanuel praying for the sick

One of several Jesus Film Outreaches

Leaving the serving of idols for

salvation in Christ Jesus


Missions Training time for the

Pastors at Kasoa

MARCH 2015


By the Grace of God, the much awaited KOMBA New Testament Audio Recording has began and everything is going smoothly. We were in Gbintiri to make sure all was well with the Recording Process. The THEOVISION Technicians said it will take about three weeks to complete the recording. We continue to pray for this major Project of OneWay as we partner with THEOVISION, the Bible Society of Ghana, Lutheran Bible Translators and KOLIBITRAP.



By the Grace of God, 221 Komba people prayed to accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour during Jesus Film Outreaches on this trip. We praise the Lord very much and pray these new Believers will grow strong in Christ like the Tunabuni Believers.



The demand for the BIBLEplus+ is so overwhelming. The Lord continues to use it in amazing ways too. We had fifty units to distribute this time around and had to share it amongst the different Komba zones with great difficulty because of the huge demand. The Tinabuni Believers and new leaders also got a couple of them to use for Discovery Bible Studies, evangelism, discipleship and their personal Spiritual growth. They were so grateful.


We give the Lord of the Harvest all the Glory for the awesome things He has already done in this new year and trust Him for a a very fruitful and incredible year of great advancement in expanding His Kingdom. AMEN!!!




Komba Reader in makeshift recording booth

THEOVISION Recording technicians and KOLIBITRAP leaders in Recording Studio


The demand for BIBLEplus+ is overwhelming


Two main things can happen after Animists radically burn their idols after coming to Christ in an unevangelized area. They could either yield to the persecution and backlash that might arise and return to idol worship acquiring many new idols again or they can withstand the persecution and grow stronger as faithful Disciples of Christ.


Well, the latter is the case of the Tinabuni Believers who we reported about last year .. that they had burnt their idols after surrendering their lives totally to Christ. All the new Believers that day decided to go all out with Christ and went into their houses and brought their idols and burnt them publicly.


Five months later, it was such a privilege to see how they have remained faithful to Christ and are growing in their new found faith by leaps and bounds. I was asked by Paul to train these new Dedicated Believers in Disciple-making so they can as the Great Commission commands make Disciples in their village and other surrounding villages. We had such an awesome time of training and they learnt so fast.


We will be going back there on our next Komba trip to train them in Chronological Bible Storying and Oral Communication strategies.


It was interesting to see that they have already built their place of worship (though it is yet to be roofed fully) using their local materials and have been having a great time holding Church Services. PTL!!



Tinabuni Church Mambers

Ray in Action:  Training time at

Tinabuni Village


This is the little church building they have constructed and hope to roof soon

NOVEMBER 28, 2014


More BIBLEplus+ Testimonies

More testimonies about how BIBLEplus+ is impacting lives continue to be shared each time I visit the Komba Mission Field:


1. Fati Jabal was an Unbeliever who was seriously sick with a spiritual ailment. She visited the Church at Gbintiri to be prayed for. As the church prayed for her, she fell and could not get up. Pastor Joseph then turned on the BIBLEplus+ unit and played the Word of God in Komba. As she listened, she was instantly healed by the Lord. Praise the Lord!!!


She subsequently surrendered her life totally to Christ and went back to her unevangelized village with a BIBLEplus+ unit and started a new church.


2. Amina Issah came to Christ through the ministry of Fati Jabal. She now assists Fati to lead the 70-member church she planted. They are both non-literates and have relied heavily on BIBLEplus+ in their pastoral and evangelistic work. With God’s wisdom, Amina strategizes and plays different portions of Scripture, songs, sermons and testimonies in drawing the attention of various individuals and households. Through this ministration ten Muslims have come to Christ!


3. Daniel Jato recalled that Pastor Joseph started a church in his community but he (Pastor Joseph) could not go to lead them often because of the number of churches he has to attend to. By God’s grace, they received a BIBLEplus+ unit and began listening to it intensely and passionately. As a result there currently are youth, men and women listening groups in their church. Now, the whole church is very conversant with the Word of God.


Emmanuel’s Komba Mission Trip

Emmanuel has recently joined the OneWay Africa team as a one-year intern.  He shared these stories from his recent Komba Mission Trip:


1. The first village was called Dezer and 200 Souls gave their lives to Christ at the Jesus Film Outreach. It is an Unchurched village and thus a new Church was planted. Praise the Lord!


2,. The second community was Wensando in the Saboba district. We got there on Sunday around 11:00am and we had Sunday service with them. After the service they proposed that we hold an all night service that evening…


  • Word spread quickly about the service and many people in the village showed up resulting in 155 conversions. It was the first time they were having such a service and the Lord delivered many people from demonic possession and oppression.
  • The following day was Monday, and the news of the “demonized” people the Lord had set free spread like wild fire and people kept coming to where we stayed to give their lives to Christ and to ask for prayer.
  • The change of heart of the people surprised me greatly and I was sure the fetish priest of the community was not happy witnessing what was taking place as his own children even came to the Service.
  • In fact I can boldly say God really took the village for Himself because the people kept coming until we left the village with the plan of returning as soon as possible.


3. We ended the Mission Trip at Majefun also in the Saboba district, where 110 people came to faith in Christ and 25 people were baptized.



We truly praise the Good Lord for all that He is doing on the Komba Mission-fields and continue to ask that you stand with us in prayer for more Komba people to be discipled, for more Komba people to be Disciple-Makers and Church Planters and for more churches to be planted until the Komba people are no longer an Unreached People Group.


Glory to God Most High!!!




Emmanuel in action - preaching the Gospel at the Jesus Film Outreach.

Amina Issah

Some of the idols that were surrendered to be burnt...Praise the Lord!

Idols are burnt...Jesus is now Lord of their lives completely!

Fati Jabal

OCTOBER 25, 2014


“You love him even though you have never seen him. Though you do not see him now, you trust him; and you rejoice with a glorious, inexpressible joy”. I Peter 1:8


“Joy unspeakable” or inexpressible joy is truly what we had in our hearts right from the first day of the recent trip to the Komba Mission Field. It has been difficult to write a brief summary of all that the Lord is doing since returning to Accra and the joy continues….


Highlights of what the Lord is doing include the following:


  • The multiplication of Komba leaders/Church Planters/ Disciple-Makers has reached the 5th Generation.
  • 68 Komba Leaders/Church Planters were trained in Chronological Bible Storying and Disciple-Making.
  • 10 new churches have been planted and many more are about to be started as well as several Discovery Bible Study Groups as a result of the new BIBLEplus+ units.
  • The Lord is using the BIBLEplus+ units in amazing ways with several Komba people coming to Christ; both Animists and Muslims.
  • The Jesus Film is also bringing hundreds to faith in Christ by the Grace of God.
  • The BIBLEplus+ again is a major tool in the discipleship of these new Believers majority of whom are non-literate.
  • New Believers from two recently evangelized villages decided to surrender all their idols/gods to be burnt – making a clean and full break with idol worship and pledging total allegiance to Christ.
  • There are a number of testimonies of the Lord healing sick people whilst they listened to the scriptures and testimonies on the BIBLEplus+.
  • There are also a number of testimonies too on the effectiveness of the water filters in the various villages and how the demand  from the Chiefs and people of several other villages keep coming in.


The main emphasis of this trip was to distribute the new BIBLEplus+ units (Version 2.0) which the Komba people have been eagerly looking forward to.  It was also to organise Training Programs for the Komba Leaders; distribute the final batch of the Water Filters as well as hold Jesus film Outreaches. As usual, we experienced the Lord’s protection as we travelled back to our Base from showing the Jesus film through dark and very rough bush roads as well as floods and for most of the time, it was as if we were surely going to get stuck  and spend the night in the bush but we felt as if the Lord was carrying us on Eagle Wings and we did get to our Zamashegu Base safely always. PTL!!


The fruitful training of 45 and 23 Komba Leaders/Church Planters at Zamashegu and Gbintiri stations respectively in Chronological Bible Storying and Disciple-Making  was a major highlight. They were from three Denominations with the majority coming from our major Partner – ICGC.


Another highlight was the training of several Komba Believers in Zamashegu in Bible Storying. They learned 26 Bible stories which ranged from Creation to Christ and then we had a big Celebration at the school  with bonfire and roasted groundnuts where they told the stories. It was a memorable night.  The have been learning the stories well and will be using it for evangelism and discipleship.


Below are some of the testimonies shared during the training about the impact of BIBLEplus+.  We will share some more in subsequent reports.


1. Timothy Gumah has not been to school and did not know how to read.  He has learned to read by listening to the BIBLEplus+. He is currently a Bible reader in his church.


2. Kofi Nlow was a worldly young man who did not want to have anything to do with church. But as he listened to the BIBLEplus+, he was convicted, gave his life to Christ and is now in church. Then as he continued to listen to the word of God (BIBLEplus+) to the hearing of his friends, family and neighbours, three of his friends heard about the judgment to come and inquired of Kofi if this was true and as Kofi confirmed and told them how to avoid it, they gave their lives and are all now in church.


3. Meshack Nasa has established two churches at Biaram and Kpandai. Starting the churches was difficult as all known approaches were not working. So he decided to go to the villages and draw the people with the songs on the BIBLEplus+. As he danced to the songs, people gathered around him so he shared the word of God with them and that is how he started the churches.


4. Abukari Issah came to believe and trust in Jesus as he heard the word of God through BIBLEplus+. He got his own unit and as he played it at home, a hardened idol-worshipping elder in his house has turned to Christ and listens to God’s word all the time.


5. Alhassan Dakpion of Pion was in a Listening Group (DBS Group) and then went to a nearby community, Zikaya and started a new Listening Group there. He gave his BIBLEplus+ to them and after some time with visits from him and Pastor Joseph, that Group has now become a Church.


6. Moses Koligu was a Muslim. When he became a convert, he longed for God’s word but could not read. Thankfully, he received a BIBLEplus+ and listens intensely. He also makes other people listen and then engages them. Through this, he has won a Muslim woman to Christ.


7. Joseph Adam was a Muslim when he listened to the BIBLEplus+. He was excited it was in his native Komba language. As he continued to listen, he heard clearly that Christ said in John 14:6 that…. He is the way the truth and the life…, and the Holy Spirit used those words to bring him under deep conviction. He observed that he was so concerned that if what Christ had said was true, he was then lost.  As he pondered over and over again over that statement, he came to a decision that he had to surrender his life to Christ and he did just that. He is now a disciple and a Disciple-maker as well and was part of the Leaders training we held at Gbintiri.


The leaders were so excited to have the new BIBLEplus+ units for ministry.

The Komba leaders were eager to learn and had lots of questions.

Ray with Joseph Adam, a young muslim who got saved due to listening to BIBLEplus+.

Many members of the Zamashegu Church came for Bible Storying Training.

One of our team members, Joshua, presenting a water filter to the Chief of Ufin, saving the lives of many babies.

Jonah tells the story he had learned. All 26 stories were told amidst lots of drumming and dancing. They were so encouraged and excited they could tell the Bible Stories. It was a memorable night and awesome experience.

JULY 25, 2014


Special greetings from all of us. Just a quick note to confirm that the water filters were successfully packed into the truck we hired and is on its way up North right now. We are preparing to follow. Emmanuel, the OneWay Africa Volunteer is with the truck just like the last time. We pray they have a smooth journey this time around.


Thanks so much. Here are a few pictures. Will keep you posted on the developments.


God bless,


JUNE 4, 2014


Dear Precious OWM Leaders,


Thanks a million once again for all your prayers and support. Words cannot describe how this last trip to Kombaland went. We came back so grateful to the Lord and our hearts filled with unspeakable joy.


It’s something else seeing the Lord touch and transform lives in remote Komba communities.


This time around we were both in the Komba and Mamprusi Mission Fields. It was a lot of driving and traveling as we criss-crossed Northern Ghana and we thank the Lord for traveling mercies.


On this trip, we distributed all the remaining Water Filters we had at our ‘warehouse” and held Jesus Film outreaches in both Kombaland and Mamprusi areas. By God’s Grace, there were approximately 452 decisions for Christ.




All these filters could not meet the demand at this community.

This woman asked for her picture to be taken with filter and BIBLEplus+ uniter. Her gratitude was so touching!

Many decisions were made for Christ and the Spirit was at work in a special way. Many people  were delivered from demonic oppression and evil spirits and some were healed too!

MAY 7, 2014

Distribution Day!

We came back rejoicing and overwhelmed by God’s goodness and all that He is doing in Kombaland.


The recent trip had a three-fold purpose - to distribute the water filters; obtain feedback and distribute more BIBLEplus+ version 2.0 units and thirdly hold Jesus Film Outreaches. The current happenings in northern Nigeria sparked more passion and urgency in us towards the preaching of the gospel on this trip.


We really didn’t know how the distribution of the water filters would go but we are glad to report that it was a memorable process. The Chiefs and people of the Komba villages were very very grateful for this valuable gift that would improve their lives and save them from water-borne diseases.


We distributed over 300 water filters in 9 Komba villages and BIBLEplus+ units in one particular village where the Chief and every family received a BIBLEplus+ unit and a water filter. We also heard good reports of the impact of the BIBLEplus+ in villages like Nabila where we had previously distributed it.


By God’s grace, the Jesus Film outreaches in four villages also brought about 316 decisions for Christ. PTL!!!



The whole village will usually show up

This boy ran past us listening to a BIBLEplus+ unit.


A Jesus Film outreach - 96 decisions were made for Christ this night.


MARCH 28, 2014

Water Filters Opposition

Why would the enemy oppose the distribution of water filtration units, I kept asking myself It's not a Jesus Film outreach or a direct evangelistic activity.  Besides, I don't ever want to be one of the Christians who blame the devil for every challenge or mishap they face in life. So when the I complained to the man we brought the container from about the delay in bringing the container to the factory and he remarked that he faced great opposition in getting  the container to the factory and that we needed to pray, I understood him but felt he had not kept his word and was making excuses.


Then after all the 600 water units and other stuff had been loaded, the truck set off only to break down several times, with one mechanical problem after the other occurring. The driver stated that this was the first time he had faced such a situation. He said he usually traveled cross-country and across the borders to Burkina Faso and Niger and his strong truck had never broken down like that on the road. He finally managed to get the container to Zamashegu on the fourth day.


Then the new OneWay Africa truck also broke down for the first time. The engine just went off as we were heading to Zamashegu. We prayed and prayed as we waited for help. The Lord gave the mechanic Paul brought from Yendi wisdom to fix it in just a few minutes.


Reflecting over all these this week, I realized, YES, the water filters will improve the health status of the precious people of Komba land and save them from water borne diseases and early death. They will live longer and will have an opportunity to give their lives to Christ. Secondly, this act of kindness will make more Komba people encounter  the love of God in action, and thirdly the Lord can use it mightily to open the hearts of the Chiefs and people to the Gospel as well as open new doors for community transformation. This certainly is not good news to the enemy and so I can understand why there would be so much opposition.


This makes me excited because I know we are on the right path and the Lord of the Harvest is blessing His work and movement is taking place amongst the Precious Komba.


Thanks so much for praying for me always. We are indeed UNDEFEATED!!!


Yours for the cause of the Unreached Multitudes,







The truck with the 40 footer

container at the factory

The Water Filters before they were all loaded unto the container

With the Team by the broken down truck. From left.. Emmanuel, Sarah and Andrew

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