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Til you came

The following was written in honor of the story of a woman named Deborah, one of the thousands God has saved out of an unreached tribe in Northern Ghana through the work of OneWay Africa.

As far as the eyes can see, as far as the strongest can walk. A hot wasteland of dry ground. Oppression, poverty, and lies. Multitudes of us scattered, all cast aside. Forgotten. Powerless. Thirsty. And numb.

Time rolling, from generation to generation, total darkness. Is there any hope under the sun? Is this simply the beginning of a long eternity of pain?

I was born into this. It is all I know.

‘Til you came.

‘Til you came out of nowhere that day. You came and lit up my world forever. You came and gave me my very first cup of clean water. You came and told me that I mattered, that I wasn’t just a throw-away, that I was royalty. You came and told me I was beautiful, that I was worth saving. Worth dying for.

You told me the whole story of love, a word I didn’t even understand. You told me that you loved me. You came and showed me the way out, the way forward, the way upward, the way to a land beyond anything I had ever dreamt of.

You spoke your words to me and I listened over and over. New songs, over and over. Amazing stories, over and over. Your words, they are changing me. Your words have helped set me free. You give me purpose, something to live for. You taught me, raised me to walk, to run, to fly, to truly understand, to truly follow and live a life of goodness, a life of total victory. You are changing my world and so many of those around me.

Now I am a light, now I have a purpose, now I can sing a new song, dance a new dance. Now I am free. And it’s all because of you Jesus and the people you sent to bring me life.”

See the inspiring video based on this story here.

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