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Water is Life When Clean

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Have you ever been thirsty before, has there been a day when you couldn’t just wait to have water run down your burning throat, any water at all And has there been a time in your life where you rejected water because you believed it wasn’t clean

Water is life, Imagine a world out there drinking unclean water, water, colored and unsafe, yet a source to quench their thirst These people might never know and get clean water till someone goes to show them, and we did The water filter project provides water filters to people in deprived areas, with funding from the Missions Project Fellowship (MPF), we went with water filters to the community of Nakundugu, we assembled them and showed how to use it and get clean water

But, we also told them about the living water, the water that quenches every thirst

There are thousands of nations, thirsty, looking for a water that can quench their thirst, looking for peace that lasts, but they will never know till you go with a water filter and tell them about Jesus. Will you go????

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