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LSM-24 First Week Highlight

The Livingstone School of Missions (LSM) 2024 kicked off on June 2nd with a powerful opening address by Rev. Dr. Ray Mensah, Director of Oneway Africa. In his speech, Dr. Mensah inspired participants to seek divine encounters and emphasized the importance of character over performance, aligning with a vision he received from God years ago.

A Family Atmosphere

LSM's warm and welcoming environment was palpable. A heartwarming example was Tina’s birthday celebration, where she experienced genuine joy and felt deeply appreciated by her peers and the school management. Tina expressed, “I feel so loved. I can't remember the last time I genuinely smiled like this.”

Emphasis on Physical Fitness

Recognizing that physical well-being is crucial for effective mission work, LSM integrated daily exercises and sports into the curriculum. Students participated in various activities, including a memorable mountain hike to Peduase Lodge, fostering trust, collaboration, and endurance.

Spiritual Growth

LSM’s approach to training is holistic, encompassing daily worship, fervent intercession, and Discovery Bible Studies (DBS). Seeing young people from ten African nations and the UK fervently praying for unreached people groups underscored LSM's commitment to global evangelization.

Practical Mission and Evangelism Training

Mission training began with a comprehensive introduction to missions and evangelism. Students applied their learning in real-world settings, leading to impactful testimonies of faith commitments and personal transformations.

Culinary Care

Pastor Bright Kwarfo, known affectionately as Shepherd, and his dedicated kitchen team ensured students were well-nourished, contributing significantly to the overall success of the training. His service was acknowledged with heartfelt gratitude and prayers for abundant blessings.

Looking Ahead

The first week of LSM 2024 has set a strong foundation for the remaining three weeks, combining spiritual, physical, and practical training to build vibrant, spirit-filled missionaries. As the training progresses, the focus on character development, community building, and effective evangelism promises to prepare participants for impactful mission work.

Stay tuned for more updates from Livingstone School of Missions as the journey continues!



- Grace from Kenya: “The sessions on spiritual gifts have been eye-opening and empowering.”

- James from Nigeria: “The practical mission exercises have strengthened my resolve to share the gospel.”

- Michael from South Africa: “The daily exercises have enhanced both my physical fitness and spiritual discipline.”

Stay connected with us for more inspiring stories and updates from LSM 2024!

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