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BIBLEplus+ Aids in New Church Plant

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Emmanuel, one of OneWay Africa’s interns, went  with a small Komba team to a Muslim community to share the gospel with them. They were chased away. However, three conversions took place. They returned later and held a church service for the new believers, but they were chased away a second time. They then felt led to use the BIBLEplus+ units as the primary way of reaching the village.

They taught the three new believers how to use the BIBLEplus+  devices for listening groups and the Lord blessed their efforts. This time around no one chased them away and many more Muslims came over to listen to the word of God. There were more decisions for Christ as a result, and the new  church now has grown to have 30 members who worship regularly. Praise the Lord!

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