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There’s a Call

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

There’s a call, there’s a command Go ye therefore and make disciples… There’s a God, there’s a love story For God so love the world that…

Then there are men and women who answered the call of their God They became part of His beautiful love story

A gathering of men and women from 10 African countries  Joining hands and hearts in worship, they sought their Lord and found Him Hearing and learning, they travailed in prayer for the nations With joy, they persevered, defying odds in order to be fully equipped to stand in the gap and tell the story of a love so great They went, they answered the call, and they were used by their master In prayer they claimed the land for God, ministering to one another, being a blessing to a people They blossomed as hidden talents came to bare, directing their path to the lost, preaching, fulfilling the call of their king Bringing the joy of the Lord to His children, teaching them to pray, asking them to run to the tree of life They brought the true light to those who were in the dark Telling the old about a saving God, bringing them the good news of a water that quenches every thirst They brought the love they found to a people lost and brought deliverance to those in bondage They shared the freedom they had found, and a joy that strengthens all

This tells us how great God is, He raised people with willing hearts from all over the world just to do His will The question is, are you willing to be used There’s a call, there’s a command  There’s a God and His love story  And there are people waiting to hear that love story Will you defy the odds and go?

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